New Business Setup Services

Whether you have a new or existing business, one of the most important decisions you make is choosing how to structure your business. If you are establishing a new business, our team of experts can assist to business in making the right choice of entity from day one. If you are an established business we can assess the appropriateness of your structure and assist with any changes if necessary.

If you’ve got a great idea for a new business, but you’re not sure what’s involved in opening own business, our business setup service can help you in a number of ways. You will find that our team is experienced commercially minded and business savvy.

What’s the best structure for your new business?
As part of our business setup help, Leezdesign will be able to advise you on the best structure for your new business. This may be a limited liability company, proprietor, partnership, limited partnership or trading trust and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It’s an important decision to get right at the outset, and we’ll be able to advise you on what you need for your business setup from starting to - end to end services.

Registration & Trade Mark

All types of Government required business registration, Trade Mark and iSO Certification.

Interior & Exterior work

Planing, Designing and Supervising with Material

Business Advertising (Online & Offline)

Our Speciality to provide complete solution for business advertising offline, online and all types of required print media for advertising.

Display Board

All types of display board providing as requirement for business and there product or services.

Business Identity Design

Business identity design is a face of business, Starting from Logo Design to complete business identity work design and print.

Branding, Design, Print & Installation

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.

Marketing Strategy

Focus of your marketing strategy should be making sure that your products or services meet customer needs and developing long-term and profitable relationships with those customers.

Business Consultant

We Provides New Business Consultant Services as per required in future language.